Sunday, December 23, 2012

News: Call of Duty Black Ops 2's Prestige Account Available to Buy?

Recent Black Ops 2 news. Nowadays, it seems some people are even going a step further and buying accounts with high Prestige ranks, impressive K/D ratios and more. The cheaters converse and share their dirty secrets for Black Ops 2 in online forum. In other areas of the internet, some people are even selling their PSN, Xbox LIVE accounts for those who don't want to put in the time to get to a certain Prestige level, or maybe they're not good enough. Even heard about this guys? Did you ever encountered a high level Prestige player with an upwards of 2.00 K/D but plays like noob? The answer is whether they might be having a bad game or they're not really that good and just bought that account. Just beware if you try this kind of cheating things. Treyarch is now actively banning and resetting those who they find glitching, boosting or those who bought their levels and ranks.  

What's your opinion folks? Should Prestige buyers allowed by Treyarch be or are they right in resetting their stats? Well, some people can't even find the reason why people need to buy accounts with good stats and high Prestige levels. Isn't the journey in getting a Prestige Master rank part of the fun? What do you make of these Prestige buyers? Do you with them or against them? Share your opinion in comment form below guys. Stay tuned for the latest Black Ops 2 news and information update.


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Anonymous said...

I think u should demote them to thier original levels

Anonymous said...

Pokemon rules skrew cod

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