Saturday, November 24, 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 News - Zombie Maps DLC on The Way

More Black Ops 2 news. Have you guys completed Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs yet? If you've got, there's a probability nothing else to do aside from try to get to the best level doable. Treyarch has already confirmed that DLC zombie maps are on the approach, a complete of 4 main map packs in an exceedingly new format which will replace Call of Duty Elite that was utilized in MW 3, that's a great news. The four map packs enclosed within the Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass within the space of 1 year, ought to provide USA four current zombie maps to play. Then in fact, you've got the addition of Nuketown zombies on prime of that for anyone WHO didn’t twig with a pre-order bonus the primary time around. Once enjoying Tranzit for hours on finish each single day although since launch, what are you expecting from Treyarch from the new content? Just let us know. If Treyarch are specialized at one factor, it's knowing a way to mix up gameplay and supply plenty of selection compared to alternative maps. The maps that featured in every Black Ops DLC map packs were wonderful, with each giving players completely different environments to explore with new options distinctive to it specific map. You will not be disappointed for sure guys.
As an example, take the Moon map. What number of you expected Treyarch to require zombies over to the moon? Call of The Dead that includes celebrities then once more with 5 also are excellent samples of Treyarch thinking outside of the box to convey zombie fans one thing contemporary to play with unharness. Infinity Ward could are guilty maybe of emotional content that doesn’t supply selection within the past, however Treyarch’s zombie map pack releases have forever been spot on and that we seldom see any criticisms of Black Ops zombie maps ever once reviews land. There could solely be one map to play at the instant, two if you've got Nuketown zombies, however Green Run has been built in the simplest way wherever it's planning to give gamers with hours of non stop fun. How does one see the primary Black Ops 2 Zombies DLC map panning out? Can Treyarch unharness another map that's playable in each Tranzit and Survival, or can they persist with simply Tranzit or Survival specifically? Clearly, we tend to hope that it's another map similar in scale to Green Run, however in an exceedingly fully completely different location. That's not really satisfying.

Just to inform and let you know, these map packs are accessible individually for around 1200 Microsoft Points. You'll be able to get them outright if you select, otherwise you will cough up $50 for the Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass, which is able to score you all four map packs at a reduced value, a saving of concerning $10. Pretty good, isn't it? Unfortunately, the DLC Season Pass can still be related to Microsoft’s disreputable underneath the table agreement, which implies that the four DLC map packs can land on Xbox 360 first, before inbound on alternative platforms expected in one month later. If you've got enjoyed Zombies on Green Run, allow us to know what you wish to check within the next map. If you have any comment to share, let us know by commenting below.

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