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Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items List and Guide

Recent Black Ops 2 news. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies mode has the ability to build different usable items, and that's one of the new features included. The required parts required for you to collect and then put it at the work bench to create your items: some parts will be randomly spawned on the map, others have set location. Don't forget you can only carrying one single item at a time. Important to know also, each workbench is used to create a single item and it will only accept parts for that item: if you’re at the bench designed to craft the Turbine you can only leave the parts for the turbine there. Once you brought all parts the item can be picked up by anyone on your team. But, once the item is destroyed by zombies it can be picked up again from the bench. If you want to know what the list of buildable items in Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode, just take a look below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode Buildable Items
  • Pack-A-Punch
The Pack-A-Punch needs the Battery and the Head Piece Parts which can be found below the bank in the Green Run Town. This item allows weapons to be upgraded, changing their names, granting attachments and also changing their designs.
  • Electric Trap
The Electric Trap needs a Turbine to work and will knock down anyone in the vicinity, players included. Battery, Rod and Base parts are required to build the trap: The rod is by the windows up the stairs from the bench. The battery can be found on some barrels during the map and the base will be near the Tombstone Soda.
  • Power Switch
The Power switch requires the Power Box and the Arm to be built: all the parts can be found inside the power house. The Power Switch simply turns on the power, powering up other items.
  • Turret
To build the Turret you need the RPD, the Lawn Mower and the Ammo Pouch: all these items are located in the House or in the Farm. The Turret is a good offensive weapon that shoots at zombies once they are within range. Also note that the turbine is needed to make the Turret work.
  • Zombie Shield
Dolly and Car Door are the required parts: the Dolly will be found in the diner while the Car Door in the garage. The Shield can be used to bash zombies: it has limited durability and you won’t earn points by using it. Still, it’s a good defensive tool since zombies won’t be able to attack you.
  • Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 – Air Cannon
To build the Air Cannon requires the Jet Engine, the Handle, Headlight and Wires. The jet engine can be found between Bus Stop 1 and 2; the wires are located near the parts for the Electric Trap, the headlight is in the cabin between Bus Stop 4 and 5; the handle is located at the World at War section on the right stop of the road between Bus Stop 3 and 4. The Air Cannon blows wind on the zombies: it has limited durability and its pressure can be adjusted before it reaches the maximum value, making the cannon explode. Unlike other buildable items, the Air Cannon can only be held by a single player.
  • Navigational Table
The Navigational Table is part of the Easter Egg: you’ll need the Table, NavCard, Card Reader, Meteor and Radio. The workbench to create the item is located under the radio tower with the red blinking lights in the corn field. You’ll find the table in the tunnel, randomly spawning in a couple of locations or in the lower level of the power room. The NavCard, together with the Meteor, can be found in the Bus Depot: the Nav Card behind the Depot and the Meteor in a hole in the wall. The Card Reader will spawn in either the dumpster or the box at the farm house left of the refrigerator in the Town. And finally, the Radio can be found either in the diner’s garage or at the Nacht Der Untoten, to the right of the building, near the fallen bookshelf.

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