Chances you are a gamer that is addicted to the PC version of COD Black Ops game as well. You too know about the problems that will arise when the game is played on the computer, for example the game will load very slow after the game has run for a few minutes. This is the most common problem that COD Black Ops players are facing. This error happen because certain parts in your computer are unable to function properly or some settings on your computer are configured incorrectly. There is no need to worry about this issue because this guide will teach you the steps to resolve them.bo2

What is Causing the Lagging Problem in Black Ops?

There are lots of factors as to why the COD Black Ops video game cannot run fast and often get stuck when you are playing it on your PC. One possible factor is that you are having a poor internet connection. But, the problem can also be caused by other factors such as slow loading, problem with your Windows registry, graphic card not match with game requirements and problems with other hardware in your computer. If you want COD Black Ops to run smoothly, you are advised to use a number of system tools that will rectify this problem that occurred when you attempt to play it on PC.

How to Make Black Ops Load at a Fast Speed

Sometimes, the COD Black Ops game will load slow because you didn’t install the latest Window updates. But, you don’t have to switch to a newer version of Windows OS. You need to make sure that your computer is installed with the latest patches. The reason is that the developer created the new version of the game to be compatible with the latest Windows patches. All your Windows updates and patches can be accessed by going to Start > All Programs > Windows Updates. You can press the button to check if there is a new update and update them on your computer accordingly. If your Black Ops game continues to load slow, you can proceed to the next solution which is to clean your Window registry.Also when updating game you can find bo3 prestige hack tool for this game in that particular webpage.

How to Fix the Screen Freeze Problem in Call of Duty Black Ops

COD Black Ops is so popular that it is ranked as one of the top 10 video games in between 2010 – 2011. Both the single and multiplayer versions feature the zombie video game mode. However, the fact is that many players have complain about several issues of playing the zombie mode. Here, in this article, we will list down a few causes that contribute to these problems and what are the steps you can take to solve the issue and prevent it from freezing.The following questions may have come across your mind.

What is Causing the Freeze Screen Problem in COD Black Ops Zombies?

  1. You are running the online Steam mode in the background of your computer.
  2. Your Windows registry need de fragmentation
  3. Steam is occupying all of the resources on your computer
  4. The game should be set to priority over other programs running in the background
  5. There are lots of junk files in your Windows registry
  6. You must make changes to the video game configurations

Run Steam in Offline Mode

Steam is a platform that Valve Corporation developed for PC games. It is designed specifically for playing multiplayer version of the PC games. Steam has a forum where players from all ver the world can get connected together. All games on Steam will be automatically updated. Besides, the Steam platform also support chat feature.The zombie mode in Black Ops often get stuck when you login to your Steam account o you must first logout and disconnect Steam and then start the game again.